Al-Asma’ Ul-Husna

July 21, 2009

Screenshot 2009.07.16 17.06.57This is the latest product that we developed. Is currently available in iTunes Store.

You can read more of it in the Projects Page.

Click here to go to iTunes Store



New Toy

June 19, 2009

two days ago, i went down to somewhere near my old workplace to meet up with a friend. she’s the one who replaced me when i left the old job. met her for some recruitment thingie and present her with some oportunities in iphone development.

IMAG0014after the meeting, i went straight to the nearest shoping complex, the klcc twin towers, to shop for present for my kid’s upcoming birthday. i bought a lego set for him, and while at it, i bought one for mysleft. hehe. this is my first lego since like 20 years ago. come to think of it, it’s actually my first lego technic. i’m loving it. probably gonna buy a remote control car, took out all its electronics and transfer to this one, and make it a remote control lego quad bike. if only i paid more attention during my electronics training 10 years ago.

by the way, this one is cool that it reminds me of scrambler, a character in bob the builder. my kid has one scrambler toy too.



June 16, 2009

i slept at 7am yesterday. wait, actually today. caught up in my programming, can’t let go of the keyboard. after finally forced myself to bed (more like comforters on the floor instead of a bed), somebody just conveniently called me at 8am to ask for a favor to run some errands. i managed to weasel my way out of it and went nack to bed. that’s only after about 1/2 an hour or so tossing and turning, feeling guilty.

i was so close to discovering a way to make my program work the way i want it to work, before i went to bed. luckily when i continued back after my good day sleep, i manged to finally complete the discovery. the program works! just before i was about to declare that it’s just not possible to do it that way.

okie dokie, its midnite now. want to do some reading, and gaming a bit. today i have to sleep a bit early. got some iphone workshop tomorrow. must set aside some ample time to get lost finding my way to the workshop venue.



June 14, 2009

ah cool stuff…

finally after 2 days, i managed to get some problems with audio for this hush hush project i’m working on. the problems might not be problems at all for good programmers. i just don’t qualify. but hey, i’m still learning this xcode thingie. don’t fully understand its framework yet, but i’m getting there.


to go or not to go…

June 12, 2009

just got word that there will be some game function in a shopping mall near here. dunno yet going or not. if going, then need to wake up early. it’ll be difficult to get parking space midday. but it’s already 4am now… hrmm..

btw here’s a snapshot of the preliminary intro testing of the game we’re working on. doesn’t do much actually. just scroll through the map and the yellow box at the bottom left small map will move along with the perspective.


next up is to put in the menu button and the menu itself.

after that, will make the city markers clickable to display some details of the city.



June 10, 2009

wow!!! it’s been more than 2 years since my last write. have not been busy, but have been lazy. hehe.

went to a game workshop today, a whole day event. got kinda fired up. hence this blabble. hehe.

it’s almost 5am right now. must sleep. have to make this brief (not the thing you wear, the other one)…

anyways currently we are working on ‘mystic order agriculture (MOA)’ project. it was meant to be for windows mobile platform. but after loads of blunder with optimization issues, we decided to change into iPhone/iPod Touch. seems everyone is jumping into the bandwagon these days. us included.

right now i’m trying to master this xCode thingie. managed to create a few simple apps modified from tutorials and stuff. currently trying yo figure out the structure of tabs, navigation, and scrolls. grr.

alritie, gotta go to sleep now. until we meet again..


Cleaning Up

April 17, 2007

Have nothing much to do now for about another 20 minutes or so. Might as well put something in here.

So today is one of the final days of my working life. I’ll be out of the job real, real soon. Can’t wait to work on MO full time. So expect a lot more posts here.

I’m here in my soon to be ‘old office’ cubicle to clean up a bit of my stuff… not so many personalized items here. Makes it easier packing. Just putting things that I’m leaving behind and things to bring back in proper order. I’ll be coming back sometime at night to get them. Kinda planning to sorta phase out of existence. Nobody will notice, nobody will miss me.

That’s because I hate good-byes. Actually not the event that I hate, but doing it. Probably because I’m such a non-people person. Saying good-bye means you have to interact with people. And lots of emotion involved. I’m happy to leave, and I’m sure thay are happy to see me leave also har2. So I’ll just save them the trouble of hard work to look sad when they’re actually happy hehe.