My First Post

Hi all..

First of all i would like to point out that this is my first post whatsoever in a blog or whatever you want to call it, such as this. So if I accidentally without knowing, breach any unwritten law of blog writing out there, do point out. Or is it better to remain blissful in ignorance… thinking… pondering…

Anyways, this blog right here was actually setup to post in progress report on our current development. And so, the first post will be some personal ramblings about how slow the progess is… Read on…

Yikes.. 5pm already.. gotta go fetch wife.. she bought ice cream!!

Continue later..


2 Responses to My First Post

  1. ivy says:

    ice creams were free… i didn’t buy them


  2. moridh says:

    hehe ooops.. that’s right. the ice creams were free.. that’s the perk you get working with ice cream makers. i’m getting fat this way…

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