MO Progress Report 20MH1428

Progress is a bit slow lately. My laptop has been acting weird. Sometimes I can switch it on, sometimes I cannot. And gradually the frequency of occurance between the two is shifting toward cannot. And when I managed to start it up, after a while it will hang. Probably something loose within the laptop since when it hangs, if I tilt it up or down a bit then it’ll be ok. When I let go, it hangs again. Grr… Need new laptop SOON!!

So I grab the opportunity to brush up and refine a bit on the storyboard and game flow.

There are three types of game flow advancements in MO:

  • Story. As the game progresses, the story unfolds. This includes the deepest secret of MO, that brings to light the secret of the First King and his descendents. It’s a bit tricky to think up on how the game will progress in term or its story line. All because this game is a long stretch from start to finish in the likes of Civilization. Unlike Warcraft and Advance War where the game is broken into missions, the story unfolds within each mission with distinctive story check points there.
    This is why the adventure elements are introduced in MO. Each character can move around in the world from territory to territory. Within the territory they can visit cities, meet people, etc. These activities are the ones that will trigger story advancements. Of course, some of the routine conquest stuff will also uncover story lines.
  • Rules. Like all other games, MO comes with a set of rules. The rules are introduced one by one as the game progresses… like most other game har2. MO is about the fight to uphold the forgotten ancient law. So the rules of the game are the rules that will be uncovered from the study of the ancient law. There are a few ways that new rules are introduced in MO. Some story line events will trigger new rules. And some new rules are triggered after you have successfully prove that you have carried out another rule or a set of other rules.
  • Knowledge. Knowledge are represented by cards that will be used during confrontations. They are equipped into individual characters. All characters have their own set of attributes, and so does these knowledge cards. The ability of a character to equip a certain knowledge card depend on the character’s attributes as well as the card’s. For example, certain knowledge card require high intelligence therefore a character with low intelligence cannot equip it.
    So how actually can we gain new knowledge cards to equip characters with? There are a few ways. To say a few are from studying of the ancient law (just like the way some new game rules unfold), confrontation with a more knowledgeable character, and by socializing with other characters.

So it is a bit of a headache thinking up how these three things flow within the game. To ensure the game is well balanced throughout, thorough testing need to be done during polishing. This is to eliminate unwanted situations such as a difficult rules introduced too early, or a knowledge that is required to progress is made accessible too little too late.


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