June 10, 2009

wow!!! it’s been more than 2 years since my last write. have not been busy, but have been lazy. hehe.

went to a game workshop today, a whole day event. got kinda fired up. hence this blabble. hehe.

it’s almost 5am right now. must sleep. have to make this brief (not the thing you wear, the other one)…

anyways currently we are working on ‘mystic order agriculture (MOA)’ project. it was meant to be for windows mobile platform. but after loads of blunder with optimization issues, we decided to change into iPhone/iPod Touch. seems everyone is jumping into the bandwagon these days. us included.

right now i’m trying to master this xCode thingie. managed to create a few simple apps modified from tutorials and stuff. currently trying yo figure out the structure of tabs, navigation, and scrolls. grr.

alritie, gotta go to sleep now. until we meet again..