About StuCat

Studio Caterpillar (StuCat) is a start up game development company that has no permanent office. After winning the recent Computer Game Design Competition held by MSC Malaysia Creative Multimedia Cluster, a registered company would be useful in managing the grant prize. Hence StuCat was born for exactly that reason… and some.

First, let’s not put high hopes on what you can find in this site, people. StuCat was founded by very much inexperienced and underqualified people in business, let alone in the gaming industry. But one thing for sure, you might find loads of meaningless random ramblings from the owners regarding whatever related issues to StuCat, the industry, and the product that is undergoing snail slow progress.

Be warned… If you have considered yourselves warned and brave enough to venture on, do so at your own risk. Har2

Welcome to Studio Caterpillar…

Oh and visit our facebook page too!


One Response to About StuCat

  1. 9w2pga Joe says:

    Wan… long time not see you… I got some sugesstion
    MMoRPG Base on 3d online with all gadjet(Iphone,S60 v3,v5,WM and other. with litte tranfer…run fast good quality imageHD. i think u can make cash on it….

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