Al-Asma’ Ul-Husna

IconThis is an iPhone / iPod Touch Application, already on sale in iTunes Store.

Al-Asma’ Ul-Husna means the Divine Names of Allah. There are 99 generally known names of Allah. All are extracted from the Holy Book of Al-Qur’an. Each of them represents the attributes of Allah, the God that is worshipped by the Muslims. It is only logical to love the entity that is worshipped, and what better way to love, than to know. Thus, knowing the names of Allah is the way to knowing Him, and to love Him.

The Al-Asma’ Ul-Husna Application will assist people in knowing the 99 most known names of Allah. It also displays references of each name as mentioned in the verses of the Holy Al-Qur’an. For those wanting to memorize the names, an Al-Asma’ Ul-Husna song is also equipped with the Application. Listening to the song is an easy way to memorize the 99 Divine Names of Allah.


– Beautiful display of the 99 Divine Names of Allah

– Individual recitation of the names

– Romanize spelling of the names

– Translation and description of the names

– References of the Names in the verses of the Holy Al-Qur’an

– Al-Asma’ Ul-Husna song

– Karaoke effect: while the song is playing, the names will highlight on cue

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One Response to Al-Asma’ Ul-Husna

  1. fifth says:

    few comment and
    a) there is typo in arabic Names for instance (العزيز) was mis spilled in app by using غ .. It should be with ع

    b) all arabic names with (Al) should be written with out (ء)on top ie

    -like this (ال) correct
    – this is wrong (أل)

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