Mystic Order (MO)


Our one and only project is currently a game titled Mystic Order (MO).

The remark above was valid up to only about a year ago. We then embarked into developing two other titles, both are spin offs from the first title. (12/06/2009)

MO is an RPG strategy conquest type game for Pocket PC. It is originally developed for Nintendo DS, but after some consideration about Nintendo licensing mumbo jumbo, we switched the platform to Pocket PC.

A bit of the background story…

14 thousand years ago, the world was peaceful as the heaven. Mankind was united in harmony under the rule of the First King and his descendents. Advancements in technology was for the best of the people. Prosperity and wealth were shared among the people. Poverty was non-existent.

But in the creation of the heaven and the earth, there are the sun and the moon. The days followed by nights. The time of peace and prosperity will always be followed by the time of chaos and poverty.

For 7 thousand years, mankind enjoyed the best of times. And they slowly forget the very thing that made it all possible. The ancient law of an unknown origin, upheld by the First King. The law was soon banished, and the reign of the First Bloodline ended. Unity was broken, and the world was divided into nations, warring between each other for power and dominion.

It is now 7 thousand years after the fall of the First Bloodline. After 7 thousand years of chaos and disorder, the antient law once again emerge. For 7 thousand years the ancient law was kept safe under great secrecy, lying in wait for the one destined to stand up and embrace it, and to uphold it victorious once again. The ancient law, that is the Mystic Order.

As one of the topmost objective of the Game Design Competition is the creation of intellectual properties (IP), the idea was to come up with original game concept. Alright alright up to now there’s no originality in the background stroy. But the game concept of MO might have some orininality flare in it. The game concept is the all usual conquest, whereby the world is divided into territories. So to win the game, conquer as many territories as possible. Simple.

So what’s so original and different in MO? Here we go:

  • Make love, not war har2. How can you conquer a territory without war, without battle, fighting, blood, death!!? The battle of influence, or confrontation. To conquer or liberate a territory, simply engage into a confrontation of wit and wisdom. To influence the opponent into joining you in your quest to carry out the Mystic Order. The more people following you, the more powerful you are. When majority of the population of a territory follow you, the territory can be liberated. Repeat until you liberate majority of the territories, enough to win the game.
    How exactly is the confrontation, you might ask? Remember swordfighting in Monkey Island? Something like that except that the knowledge are represented in the form of cards. So you might say that MO is actually a card-based RGP strategy.
  • Connect the dots. Confrontations occur on individual level. So to confront an individual or character, you must know the character first. You must know where he live, what he likes to eat, etc. To know the character, you must get someone who know the character to join you first. And so you create a web of relationships, starting with the characters you personally have relationship with.
    And to add complexity to it, some characters live in other territories. You also have to know where the territory is, and how to get there. To be able to confront the character, you must have someone in your team who knows where the territory is, and someone who knows how to go there.
  • Fill in the gaps. Literally you win the game by taking over the throne of power using influence. And to take over control, you need your own ruling structure (something like the Parliament) to implement the Mystic Order. So from your pool of followers, having their own unique characteristics and attributes, you need to slot them in your ruling structure. You need to identify what characteristic suitable for which position. For example, put a character with high intelligence in the position of education, and someone with high wisdom as strategist. Slotting wrongly will effect other parts of the game. Slotting a stupid character in education, you end up losing most of your confrontations.

Well, basically that’s the brief introduction to MO. Its 12:30 time for lunch…


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