ROTATOR, a new spin in match-3… literally!

ROTATOR is a match-3 type puzzle game for the iPhone / iPod Touch that makes use of the accelerometer function. Rotate your device, and a series of circles will rotate along with it. These circles are divided into pie-pieces, each in one of up to five different colors.

Swap pieces to make them jump from one circle to another. Do this to create a cluster of 3 pieces of the same color within a single circle. Get additional bonus by getting a match-4, and match-5.

Aside from creating matches, complete a picture by using special white puzzle pieces. Unlock secret stories by arranging these pieces correctly.

Discover a special piece, and how to use it well to ensure longer game, higher level, and higher score.

There are no time limit, no timer counter. Play relaxingly at your own pace. The only limit is the number of moves you make, before something nasty start to appear. When it appears, it will be more difficult to create a match. When there are no more possible matches to create, it is Game Over.

Check out some more info in our official website.

Check out the demo video on youtube to see more on how to actually play ROTATOR.


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